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Why Should My Carpets Be Cleaned?

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is an effective way to remove dust mites, bacteria and other allergens.

Dirty carpeting impedes the airflow in your home, which can put your family at risk for colds and other health issues.

Carpet cleaning ultimately helps your family breathe easier while keeping your home looking fresh. 

How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

Residential carpeting:

Should be professionally cleaned at least on an annual basis.

Carpet that typically sees extreme soiling or heavy use, such as entryways or other high-traffic areas, require increased cleaning frequency.

Carpet installed in homes occupied by people with allergies or other respiratory problems may also wish to have their carpets cleaned more frequently.


Commercial carpet:

Should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. Carpet exposed to higher traffic and harsher weather usually needs more frequent cleaning: seasonally, quarterly or even monthly.

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How to prep for having your carpets cleaned



Vacuuming all high-traffic areas before your service provider arrives helps them focus on the dirt that's embedded into your carpet.


Clear the Driveway or Parking Spots

Our carpet cleaning professionals need to park as close to the door as possible to easily access their equipment.


Relocate small furniture

If you have small furniture such as chairs, ottomans, side tables, or other light pieces that are easy to move, we recommend relocating them. We are prepared to clean around your furniture, but without the extra furniture in the way we can promise you a cleaner carpet and more efficient service.


Tidy the Floor

Please ensure that any toys, books, decor, or other items are picked up off of the floor - we don't want any beloved items to be damaged by getting sucked into the equipment.


Quarantine Pets

Even if you have the friendliest of animals - please quarantine them so the service professional can focus on the job at hand. We often need to leave the front door ajar while cleaning and we don't want your animals to become lose.

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And what about after the job is done?

It will take your furniture or carpet about 3-5 hours to fully dry. You can walk on your carpets as soon as we walk out the door, but we recommend a very limited traffic path until it’s entirely dry. Be cautious of slipper surfaces such as wood or tile.

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